North Star

Sifu Ellis mentioned a fascinating correlation between Eastern and Western thought in a recent email.

Mr. Ellis explained that King Arthur in mythology is related to the north star and that the star itself is associated with the bear, Art meaning bear, if I understood Gary correctly.

I thought I’d elaborate on the cosmic connection of the Pole Star from a Taoist energetic view.

Tai Chi was once referred to as Pole Star Boxing and Wu Tang Taoists were Pole Star Boxers. This connection is embedded in the martial arts and made corporal in the physical body through the practice of Tai Chi Principles.

Taoist believe the human body is composed of Cosmic Particles - star dust (ashes to ashes dust to dust).

The Taoist view teaches integrating the various forces emanating by the firmament within our living bodies

They’re assertion being we’re intimately connected to the universe, especially to this galaxy/solar system, and that the universe is constantly communicating with humanity down to our cellular level.

Planets and stars radiate various vibratory and color-energy.

green energy emits from Jupiter in the East

red energy emits from Mars in the South

white energy emits from Venus in the West

black energy emits from Mercury in the North

yellow – from Saturn in the center, according to Five Element Theory.

Violet, the color of the north star (aka the Purple Rose) is on the high end of the energy spectrum and is an extremely important color/energy.

At the handle of the dipper is the central and unmoving star of the north Polaris, (aka Emperor of the Sky). The north star complex is always available to draw energy from at any time.

Ultra-violet rays emanates from the big dipper (and north star) which is believed to ladle and pour violet energy down upon the Earth throughout the seasons, unlike the Western zodiac where each sign predominates for one month of each year.

The practical assertion here is that in Western Astrology you’re strongest when in your sun sign, but during the other eleven months of the year are increasingly less powerful as you move away from your month of birth.

The north star fills in the gap, when you are in the “winter months” far from your birth sign you may through meditation draw energy from Polaris/dipper to carry you over the humps of life, as it’s always overhead and always available.

90% of the universe is composed of purple - dark matter. Purple light can be cultivated and is the only color/energy with intelligence. There is an interesting episode on Public Television about “Chinese Purple” discovered in the Terra Cotta Warrior Tombs exploring the intelligent properties of this paint pigment.

There are many assumptions that can be drawn from this study of the sky. Some of include; practicing Tai Chi facing north, as is commonly done, when short on biological energy (tired) or when you simply don’t have the power to resolve a difficult circumstance in life, draw energy from the night sky via it’s purple rays. This is part of INTERNAL ALCHEMY in part two I will give a formula to connect with the cosmic radiation for improved health. Stay tuned.

Last blog we spoke of the north star and its association with the color Violet or Purple.

Let’s start this blog by introducing a martial arts system of Hand and Palm training called Cinnabar Palm used to poison an enemy with a strike from one’s Cinnabar palm.

Cinnabar being the raw material of mercury is a rusty reddish to purple in color. The practitioner gradually over a long period of time trains his hand by striking a bag or pad containing the poisonous residue of cinnabar, meanwhile ingesting and massaging various appropriate herbs as an antidote to counter the poison and protect his life.

Earlier Taoists experimented with cinnabar as part of EXTERNAL ALCHEMY ingesting mercury to prolong and extend life. Unfortunately too many experimenters died trying to perfect this process. Later Taoist created the art and proto science of INTERNAL ALCHEMY to overcome this mishaps.

Another interesting use of the cinnabar concept is the term Tan Tien. This is a psychic energy point central to Tai Chi located 2 inches below the navel

Tan Tien is also known as the Immortal Field an abbreviation for “the field for planting the seed “tan” of immortality. Again tan being the cinnabar seed and tien the field. Therefore the Tan Tien is also known as the Cinnabar Field which

must be energetically cultivated much as a farmer would cultivate a crop in the field.

Here’s the healing formula I told you of in part one. It was taught by Taoist Master Mantak Chia: for cleansing the individual cells of our bodies. Cells are mini-units that are the building blocks of tissue and organs. This practice appeals directly to cleansing and repairing the cells and DNA.

This formula directs energy using a specific hand gesture along with the spoken word. Just approximate the hand motions, it’s not that critical. The closest I can get to giving you the feel of the gesture is that it’s similar to the fourth posture in the 8 Fundamental Chi Kung Set. See Mr. Ellis for details.

Raise your arms to the sides and up in a circle so that the hands come to rest directly over the head with the palms looking down at the crown point called pai wei.

Then move them as needed, for example, when you say the liver and gall bladder formula position the hands over that area of your body. Same for the thyroid and so forth.

Recite these affirmations in the following order.

1 hands hovers above the crown point

“Brain cells please listen, clear, clean and bright. Filled with violet light Please return to healthy function”.

2 Eyes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth and tongue please listen clear clean

and bright filled with violet light please return to healthy function. (Yin tang,

natal house points).

3 Thyroid, parathyroid, thymus please listen clear clean and bright filled

with violet light please return to healthy function.

4 small and large intestine, stomach and spleen please listen clear

clean and bright filled with violet light please return to healthy function.

5 liver and gall bladder please listen clear clean and bright filled with

violet light please return to healthy function.

6 Kidney and bladder please listen clear clean and bright filled with violet

light please return to healthy function.

The kidneys are very important, all blood is filtered through the kidneys.

Let the cells become happy and smiling. This can be used with the inner smile practice, as is tai chi and the other Taoist modalities.

7 sexual organs please listen clear clean and bright filled with violet light please return to healthy function.

8 arms and legs please listen clear clean and bright filled with violet light please return to healthy function

Starting with the brain recite the following phrase with conviction, purpose, will and concentration. Order it to be so. Put the power of intention into the glands, cells, tissues, etc. don’t question the universe, just follow without ego, this is a process of surrender, connection attention and focus.